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Jamie Gaunt - Beginnings

This oil burner was one of the very first items I ever made. I've long since stopped making them but looking back on this picture I still love the design. They were made from reclaimed Tasmanian oak floor boards. I especially loved the effect the tongue & groove made and the proportions really seemed to work well. They were unique and fun in so many ways but I really enjoyed freaking people out with the fact that they were made from wood...surely there's a design floor, people would say, mixing wood with oil and fire??? It truth they were actually very safe and it was this simple item that first set me on the path of making and selling. I'll always be grateful to this little guy for paving the way to where I am now.

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1 Comment

Jul 02, 2019

Nice Jamie, I think these oil burners should make a come back :)

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