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Oak 'picnic' board | mini chopping board

Oak 'picnic' board | mini chopping board


All my boards are handmade from a carefully selected, single piece of oak. There are no stencils involved so the shape and design of each board is entirely unique and organic. The cutting faces are finished on both sides to a beautiful satin touch then nourished with a house blend of coconut wax, vegetable oils, and beeswax - this part of the process is super important and I'll include a short leaflet on how to maintain the board to ensure it's kept it in a great condition. The handles are hand fashioned with a knife and spoke shave then sanded to 600 grit for a smooth and comfortable finish.


Oak is a hugely durable wood and makes for a beautiful chopping board, combining elegance with hardiness. These boards are designed and made for some serious chopping action.


Approximate dimensions

length (including handle) - 24cm

width - 16cm

thickness - 3cm

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