Piece #3 from 'Wood Alive' mini series

Piece #3 from 'Wood Alive' mini series


I'm very proud to release piece #3 from the 'Wood Alive' series of carvings that started last year.  This hand carved piece is the most unusual of the carvings and is certainly the tallest and most veiny!  #3 has a central hole in the middle and is still technically termed as a 'bud vase' in as much as you can place a dried branch in it.


This piece took the most amount of hours to carve of all the pieces and went through many iterations before arriving in the finished form. It may be interesting to learn that the original design was very much more of a jellyfish type shape. 


The finished piece leaves much to be observed and decided upon by the individual as there are many ways of viewing it; each angle offering a hugely different perspective. 


Delivery and insurance options will be further discussed upon purchase. Indeed, if the buyer is 'local' I would prefer to personally deliver piece #3 at no extra cost.


Many thanks,


52cm x 20cm


by Jamie gaunt