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Influence & inspiration

A small selection of images, books and people that inspire the work of Jamie Gaunt


What to say about my cousin Ben? A life long inspiration in everything I've ever done and the other half of 'Free Wheels East'...


Jack Wylson's photography is always saturated in atmosphere. In an Instagram world world where anyone has the ability to take pro shots, Jack somehow elevates himself above the masses to give us a perspective on life that is rarely ever seen.

It's hard not to be totally inspired by the achievements of Alex Honnold in the world of climbing. I recently had the utter pleasure of hearing him talk in London after seeing this Oscar winning film.

Ide Hill. Not only does the Garden of England provide me with the vast majority of my raw material but it's also a constant source of inspiration.

'The White Spider' by Heinrich Harrer. This book alone inspired a trip to the Swiss Alps to see the mighty Eiger.

Broadway market

Painting of Broadway market by Liam O'Farrell.

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 19.29.24
Broadway 'Schoolyard market'

One of the best places to buy your handmade crafts in London...and where a 'Jamie Gaunt' stall can often be found on Saturdays!

Basically anything this man says or does is a source of inspiration. Eddie Vedder.

A wonderfully evocative account of a year spent living alone in the woods on the shores of Lake Baikal.

Joshua Vogel, Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. Traditional style homewares and furniture made in Kingston, New York. We love the tones of the reclaimed timber and the rawness he brings to such a unique and distinguished collection.

Josh Vogel and his inspiring collection of carved wooden spoons. Page taken from his book 'The Artful Wooden Spoon'.

Wooden + Woven. Alexander Devol has been creating things by hand forever and his skills have no bounds.

The farm where I live is a constant source of inspiration. The trees, the wildlife, the fields and much colour and vibrancy.

Thor Heyerdahl is somewhat of a hero of mine and generally speaking anything he writes is an inspiration...this one particularly so.

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