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About Jamie Gaunt

Jamie Gaunt
UK based designer and wood worker Jamie

Jamie Gaunt Designs is a design and woodcarving studio which creates sculptural artworks and homewares from a workshop just south of London on a farm in Kent.  ​​​

Predominantly working in locally sourced oak, Jamie Gaunt blends both contemporary and traditional carving tools and techniques to create a range of unique sculptural pieces for private homes, luxury hotels and businesses all around the world.  


Jamie is particularly interested in the balance between natural form and texture, exploring how each piece might achieve a timeless quality. Carving enables a freedom of expression which allows a fluid approach to shaping wood called 'free carving'; a style which allows each piece to find a flow and rhythm unique to its own specific characteristics.  

As well as work being available to purchase direct via the website, Jamie Gaunt Designs also work alongside creative studios and art consultants to create tailored pieces. 


For all enquires about Jamie's work please use the contact form

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