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About Jamie Gaunt

Jamie Gaunt
UK based designer and wood worker Jamie

Jamie Gaunt is a designer and woodcarver who creates sculptural artworks and homewares from his workshop just south of London on a farm in Kent.  ​​​

Predominantly working in locally sourced oak, Jamie blends both contemporary and traditional carving tools and techniques to create a range of art and unique pieces for the home.  Jamie is particularly interested in the balance between form and texture, exploring how each piece might achieve a timeless quality. Carving enables a freedom of expression which allows a fluid approach to shaping wood which Jamie calls 'free carving'; a style which allows each piece to find a flow unique to it's specific characteristics.  A twisted knot or a compelling split can often send a design spinning off in a whole new direction.

Jamie sells his work privately, through the website and Instagram and is always happy to discuss any prospective ideas and take on commissioned pieces.

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