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Chopping board maintenance

So the question on everyones lips when they step up to purchase a chopping board is "how the heck do I look after it?" Happily the answer is a simple one; generally speaking you can do as much or as little as you like according to how pro-active / lazy you are. Personally I tend to loiter more towards the lazy end of the scale which effectively means I do almost zero maintenance. In fact, there are boards which I've used just about every day for years and years and aside from a little drying-out they are absolutely perfectly healthy. All those cut marks and scorch marks from where people (not me) have put hot cooking pots and lids, add to the beauty of the board in my opinion and there is no way on earth you'd find me taking a sander to them. There are no shortcuts to building up that level of character in a wooden chopping board and to erase it with a single whir of a sander would be wrong.

Okay, so let's say you are just really proud of your new board and you'd actually enjoy taking good care of it...what can you do? I recommend you give the board a very light sand along the grain with a high grade paper such as a 240grit then simply slosh on some flaxseed oil and leave it to stand for a little while before wiping off any excess. In many respects you can't go wrong with this as a wooden chopping board will let you known when it has had enough oil to drink by simply refusing to absorb it anymore.

If you ever have any questions about your board please just hop over to the 'Contact' tab and send me a message and I'll be only too happy to help out with some advise!

Thanks folks,


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