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Broadway Market Goes West

It's been on the cards for a little while and probably should have happened a little sooner than it did, but after a few weeks of huffing and puffing Broadway Market has finally been closed for the foreseeable future. No one is sadder about this than me (a bold claim that can't be substantiated in anyway) but it's certainly the right decision.

The majority of my income actually comes from trading at the market so for it to close for any amount of time, let alone indefinitely, is concerning and more than a little anxiety provoking. I understand that this is a self-centred perspective coming at a time when global wellbeing should be our species' priority however I can't deny the immediacy of my own predicament. My entire week is orientated around the market and the fragility that comes with structuring my business in this way has become quite apparent. Time to pause and reflect, take stock and get some perspective.

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