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Drilling a little deeper

At times it's been easy and at others the hardest thing ever. Staying motivated to make new pieces has been a challenge over the last few months. More than ever before I've required a reason to open the workshop, get the tools out and start carving something. Some days you just throw the doors open and see a jumble of wood that couldn't possibly ever be shaped into something that people might actually want to spend money on. It looks like a heap of firewood! Other days of course you see the potential behind even the most twisted, gnarled stick. Usually however, the majority of days fall somewhere between the two; you enter with a rough idea, then a certain amount of concerted effort is needed to get going. I've considered making changes to my usual processes recently and to drill a little deeper to see if there is some un-used motivation lurking in the depths. I think I'm heading in the right direction and on balance I'm pleased with how I've turned things around and managed to create a steady stream of new pieces. I'm now looking forward to developing this new direction and seeing what emerges.

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